Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What the Hell

Well let me see where do I start. The first of the year started out great. Good job, two cars that where in good working order, all bills over paid just a little. Well end of January lost my job because of sabotage by someone I worked with. Well a month later I found another job. It is doing something I really do not want to do but it was a job at the time. Well while working for this company my work car blew up. So I had to sell it for what I could get for it and just let it go. Now we are down to one car. Well for the past few weeks things a work have be getting pretty bad. Just today I was written up for something that I should not have been written up for. I feel that they are wanting me to leave and go somewhere else so that they don't have to do it. After all of that I get a phone call from someone that also had some bad news. I am in college and I have been waiting for my grant and loans to come in and I am getting loans but I am not getting a big Pell Grant like I should be getting so getting another car is not something we can do right now so I can not look for another job. I am really scared that any day now they are going to let me go and I do not know what I am going to do if that happens. I am really upset with this because I have not done anything wrong. I ask myself why do I have to go through this. Every job for the past four years. I am there for a few months and then they let me go.

That is all I can say. I am just really pissed off.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I am not good at updating this thing. It has been a really long time again from the last post that I did. Well I have a new job and it is okay. I mean not what I want to be doing but it brings home what you can say is a pay check. Just something to get me through till I can finish my schooling. Other then work, school, and family. That is about all that I have been doing.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Not again

Well I am going to start off with that it has been a really long time from the last time I posted something. I have been a little busy. LOL Well I am sure you are wondering what the title means. Okay here it goes, I was let go from another job. I let my feeling get the best of me and they let me go. But you know when you have so much stuff going on all at the same time, sometimes you just can't take it anymore if you know what I mean. Well I am praying that I will find something else and find it really fast. If not I am praying for unemployment. LOL I prefer another job but as long as I get an income I am fine. Anyway that is about all I can say right now. I am just trying to get through this and get over it.

Howard out

Monday, September 21, 2009

It's been a LONG TIME

Okay I know that it has been a while from my last post but there has been so many things going on. I mean work, school, baby shower this last weekend another one this Saturday, getting the house ready for Parker, and getting the house ready for guest's. I mean one thing after another. I am so looking forward to see my little boy Parker when he gets here. Also I can't wait for the 4 to 7 day's that I am going to take off when he does get here. (LOL) Anyway it has just been really busy but things are starting to look like they are starting to calm down for the most part. Until the little one gets here and it will be all back to busy and lots of things to do. I am going to love it though. I get my son. YAY. Not much more to say right now but it is getting late so I am going to go get ready for bed and try to get some sleep before 6:30 gets here.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Thank you God

Okay well I know I was saying that it did not look like my in laws where going to move out this past weekend. Well they did, Their place was ready by Friday like it was suppose to be and now they are in their own place again. I am so damn happy about that I could jump around all day. LOL Anyway they are gone now and our house is our house again. I have gotten everything back to the way it was before they moved in and I am loving it.

Now on the other hand I am still waiting on my grant money to come in so that I can get us out of the hole again and it seems to be taking for ever. It just needs to get here and get here now. LOL Well that is all that is going on with me right now.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Stressed out

To start off with my stress I have not been working as much as I need to be working so are income has gotten a little lower. (Like it needs to be doing that.) Anyway, because of that we have gotten behind on a few bills and not we are being threatened about are things being turned off, taken away, and even being kicked out on the street. We have been waiting for my school grants and stuff to come in but it was just approved yesterday so how much long it is going to take for that to get here I have know clue.

To top all of that off we have had my in laws staying with us for about 5 or 6 weeks now and their apartment was suppose to be ready for them to move in this weekend and it was canceled. So what did we do? We canceled all of the plans of moving. The truck, the help, everything. Now it looks like it is going to be ready for them tomorrow and we have no help, no truck, and just nothing.

So ya I am just a little stressed out right now and I know it is going to get better but I just want it to get better now.

Other then all of that are baby is doing really well and growing like a wed. I can't wait for October to get here.

Friday, August 7, 2009

One week to go

Okay as I have said before my inlays have been staying with me for about 5 weeks now. Well we have one more week to go and they will be out of here. Next Saturday they will be in their apartment and know longer in mine. I can not wait for that day to get here. I know my wife feels the same way that I do about it. I just feel really bad that my wife has to stay here all day with them and I get to leave and go to work five day's out of the week. I know it is not easy leaving with them and I am so ready for them to leave so that I can get my house clean and back to the way it needs to be and the way I want it to be. Anyway I am done for now.